sound healing workshop instructor

Vivienne has been a practitioner of the healing arts for 13 years and joyfully brings you two of her favorite modalities: sound healing, specifically with gem infused bowls by Crystal Tones, and flower essences. Vivienne’s journey began in 2005 and after exploring many healing modalities settled on the ones that she found to be the simplest, deepest and most powerful ones that bring the recipient the greatest amount of peace and joy with the least effort. What you can expect for starters from these tools is a general state of relaxation at first, and over time more grounding, joy, harmony and tranquility. Healing when done well returns you to you, helps you experience your best states of existing and being, and helps you attain your highest expression of who you are: In other words, a state of feeling whole. You are invited to experience this sound bath with flower essences with open curiosity to see what will unfold for you.

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