Tricia Salata

Yoga Trainer

Tricia’s first yoga class was at a college rec center; she tried it because it was free and she’d been told she needed to work on flexibility. She had no idea then -over ten years ago -what yoga would come to mean to her. It was through yoga she developed a curiosity for movement and a sense of wonder for how the body functions. This curiosity led her to a lifelong study of alignment, mobility, biomechanics, and how being connected to our bodies through all forms of movement can heal and transform the mind. When she’s not doing or teaching yoga Tricia also enjoys reading, hiking, and strength training.

Tricia Salata is now teaching Sunday 11:30 am Yoga Basics.

Yoga Basics Description:

This is an all levels class for participants looking to deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of yoga including breath, proper alignment, and mindfulness practices. This class is useful for those trying to develop strength, work around injuries, and develop self-awareness. In this class we’ll dive into the alignment and mechanics of basic standing, seated, twisting, and balancing postures. Great for anyone new to yoga and for those who’ve practiced for some time but are looking to refine their practice.

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