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Pita and Yoga found each other 15 years ago and since then it has been a journey of self-love & devotion for her. “This practice has woken up many aspects of my being, but one very important one is the way it has allowed me fall in love and connect with everyone and everything around me.” This path has taken Pita around the world, allowing her to share what she loves in places like India, Africa, Germany, the US and Bali. “Being able to share the practice that inspires me to remain a student, a servant and beyond everything, to follow my heart and what my body needs.” Her classes are a combination of her journey through self exploration via a variety of practices such as bhakti, kriya, devotional chant, aromatherapy and dance. You should expect to leave the class feeling refreshed, flexible and open not just in body, but also in your mind and most importantly, your heart!

What is Heart-ga yoga?

Heart-ga Yoga fuses the practice of traditional Ashtanga (Patanjali’s 8 limbed path) and Bhakti yoga to balance your energy levels, remove blockages and open space to create a deepest connection within you. Special kirtan music is used as our background and mantras are used throughout the practice. We close the practice with a brief meditation. That being said, every class is different and unique. Your guide and servant Pita, always teaches from her heart, so each class is never the same. We are excited and cannot wait to breathe, share and connect with you. Tea will be served after the practice but feel free to bring your own mat, a blanket, water and your neverending open heart and smile.

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Flow 60%
Kundalini 40%
Hatha 70%
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