Oanh Truong

Yoga Trainer

Oanh loves yoga because she finally can breathe fully from her chronic sinus and asthma, suffered since infancy.  Ever since, Yoga became a lifeline and lifestyle.  Yoga is so much more than a physical exercise to her; she found peace, ability to grow and the expression of her internal strength through yoga practice.

Two years ago, Oanh had supported her father in his final stages of cancer, a life changer.  After her father tragically and unexpectedly passed, she truly realized that life is fleeting and precious. We deserve a healthy and happy life, and she appreciates that yoga can always heal her physical ailments as well as her  emotional pain.

She closed her bar, went to Dharamshala, India to heal, and  completed RYTT 200 yoga teacher training in December 2018.   Upon arrival at the airport in Dharamshala, she saw the Holy Dalai Lama in the terminal as he walked to his gate.  She felt blessed and a surge of positive energy in her body – a sign that she was on the right path.

While in yoga training and being in the moment meditating, with  eyes closed, her tears flowed as the memories of her beautiful childhood with her father overwhelmed her.  On the high Himalayan mountain, she stepped into her yoga practice, connecting fully her mind, body and spirit.

Oanh loves to share with others her experience, herself—rejuvenated, and her passion for yoga practice. Through self-discovery, her practice emphasizes the combination of breathing (Pranayama), correcting alignment (Asanas), and yoga philosophy (our body is a temple that is beautiful, clean, and healthy).  She offers a harmonizing and balancing Vinyasa where we can  breathe together, find our inner happiness, and be present in the moment.  She will guide you to access your better health, innate joy, and to live more  fully.

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