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Having always had passion for dancing and personal fitness she has recently completed RYT-200 at Avalon Yoga International. She focuses on multi-style slow flow movements and believes that poses are most rewarding if held for longer periods of time and are transitioned at slow pace.

Thursday’s prenatal yoga class is oriented towards expecting mothers and the ones that already had babies. It is best recommended for women in their second and third trimester. The sessions are tailored towards strengthening muscles to help have an easier, quicker and smoother natural delivery. The sessions differ from traditional yoga sessions in that they take into account the changing body transformations as the ladies progress along their pregnancy journeys. It is a great way to meet other women going through the same physical changes or the ones that had already been through them. The classes incorporate mindful breathing techniques that can help prepare to deal with pain during delivery without medications. The sessions are also recommended for women who recently had babies and are trying to regain physical strength after the body transformation.

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