Azadeh Tehrani

Yoga Trainer

I have been interested in doing different kinds of sports since I was a little child. Around 18 years ago I went to a yoga studio for the first time without any information about yoga. I started yoga like any other kind of sport, but slowly, I felt calmness and focus in my life and I found more interest in yoga and started researching about it. I learned different yoga styles such as Sivananda, Hatha yoga, Iyengar and Anti-gravity. Then I went for yoga teaching assistant classes and after that yoga teacher certification which took around 2 years. I started teaching yoga as a side job, but I loved how it changed my lifestyle and helped me in stress management and mindfulness. So, I decided to become a full-time yoga instructor. I love teaching yoga and helping others change their lifestyles to the better. I passed many workshops about anatomy and its relationship with yoga. Then I came to the US and passed a 200-hour yoga teacher certification. I look forward to changing the lives of more people with yoga.

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