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Azadeh Tehrani
Azadeh Tehrani Yoga Trainer I have been interested in doing different kinds of sports since I was a little child. Around 18 years ago I went to a yoga studio for the first time without any information about yoga. I started yoga like any other kind of sport, but slowly, I felt calmness and focus in my life and I…
Amit Ghanghas
Amit Ghanghas Yoga Trainer When I was in my high school, Biology was my favourite which leaded me to have higher interest in learning Human Anatomy and Physiology during Bachelor’s Degree. After graduation in 2016, I started learning and practicing Yoga full time and got my first 200-Hour Yoga Instructor Course together with 20-Hour special Yoga training for diabetes from…
Natalie Panoutsos
Natalie Panoutsos Yoga Trainer Natalie is an ISSA-certified Vinyasa Flow Instructor. She started practicing yoga regularly in 2020 and has been amazed by its benefits. She competed in gymnastics in high school and wanted to find a way to stay flexible, and yoga has not only done that but has helped her feel more present, calm, and grounded. She’s excited…
Katia Fradkina
Katia Yoga Trainer I started practicing Yoga as a teenager in Germany. Yoga was not popular back then and all I had was a book showing a few asanas. I have been practicing different yoga styles over the past 15 years and have especially benefited from yoga during and after my two pregnancies. This year I finally did the 200…
Lynn Yoga Trainer Lynn began her yoga practice in 2014 after beginning her career as a ICU nurse as the stress of taking care of sick and dying patients began taking a toll on her mind and body. Through the healing nature of yoga and simply finding her breath in the practice, she began a journey that would lead to…

Jennifer found yoga as an exercise routine in 2015. Little did she know the profound impact it would have not just on her physical health, but mental and spiritual as well. Yoga is a form of pure self-love, discipline and play. Through it, she had more contentment and lived more mindfully. She finished her RYT 200 in 2017 from Oh Wow Yoga and shares the goodness of yoga to create a more compassionate world.

Nikola Yoga Trainer Nikola has finished her 200 hour RYT certification under Cindy Walker and Linda McGrath at Yoga Source, Los Gatos in 2017. Currently, she is completing her 500 hour RYT certification under Jennifer Prugh and Noell Clark at Breathe Together in Los Gatos. In her classes, she likes to focus on students’ breath and body awareness, improve students…
Tiffany Yoga Trainer Tiffany is passionate about sharing her practice to empower and ground others in all the ways that yoga has for her. Practicing yoga created a safe space for her to explore inward. She loves connecting with others through yoga and finding community in shared practices and learning from one another. She teaches a variety of classes including…
Yoga Trainer


Rebecca is a RYT with Yoga Alliance. She began to practice yoga in 2017. After months of practice she noticed her body get more flexible and powerful.

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