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Enjoy a community of women preparing their body, mind, spirit for the transformative journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Using a carefully chosen set of poses, support your changing body to develop the strength and openness needed to giving birth.

Developed a breath and mindfulness skills essential to childbirth and motherhood

Pregnancy yoga is recommended after the first trimester, throughout the second and third until birth. It is a great form of exercise for women who want to stay active during pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga creates a more flexible body, helps ease the pain of back ache, boosts circulations and the reduces water retention.

It encourages a sense of body awareness and breath control which will help you stay relaxed during labor and manage the pain of contractions.

The session will run at Jiaren Yoga Studio at room temperature with no additional heat. Course will suit beginners as well as women who have practice yoga before.


$25 for Single Class Pass

$220 for 10 Times Package


Jiaren Yoga Studio

1171 Homestead Rd Ste 140, Santa Clara, CA

Other Information:

Call Jiaren Yoga Studio on 408 657 3264 for more information.



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