The journey to Jiaren started with Jaden’s desire to ground herself amidst a busy and stressful life. Finding a reprieve through yoga, she quickly realized the many benefits, and began exploring the idea of opening a studio of her own. A lot has gone into the studio to make it what it is today, including the support of our community. Here to make a change for everyone we come across, happy anniversary to Jiaren Yoga Studio, and we hope for many happy years to come with you guys by our side!

A look back at the beginning stages of the studio, getting ready to become a home for our students.

Now welcoming all walks of life, enjoying and exploring new practices, we hope yoga has brought you a new meaning to life as it has for Jaden.

A special thank you to our instructors as well, who have stuck with us through difficult times and provided their incredible talent and energy to heal our community. 

Happy Anniversary!

 Jiaren Yoga Studio

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