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Inspired by our teachers who stepped up during COVID-19, opening up their own space to heal others with yoga, we are excited to introduce our very own fundraising yoga mat that not only supports you, but our community, and our partners. Designed with you in mind, we’ve included all the best features. Non-slip grip on both sides and professional designs help you keep your hands and feet in position during daily practice. A thin polyurethane top layer and natural rubber bottom create excellent cushion and shock absorption that protect you while you flow through poses. Durable and eco-friendly, this long-lasting mat is a home-practice essential.

As a part of our effort to continue to support our community, we have been making an on-going effort to partner with other local non-profit organizations and have decided to donate 10% from each mat in order to support these special causes. 

At the core of Jiaren, we are all about community. Unfortunately, due to COVID19, the nature of the relationship we have with YOU, our community, has changed drastically. No longer able to meet, talk, and interact, we have begun exploring new channels in which we can continue to connect people and communities through what we love, yoga. Use the hashtag #GiveWithJiaren to join our conversation online and connect!

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