Our freedom is a gift, it is a gift that is often taken for granted. We forget that our good fortune may have happened not by our efforts, by luck or chance. We obsess over what we have or do not have, what we have or have not accomplished, and how we will not be happy or feel complete or fulfilled in our life until we achieve or meet certain standards. We too often compare ourselves and our achievements in life to the status, success, fame or celebrity of others, instead we should be relishing how far we’ve come with the hand we’ve been dealt.

In this class, we will be exploring how we can feel and cultivate freedom and space within us by being aware of our body through Yoga practice. Hatha-yoga based slow movement, and Yin Yoga.

Beginner friendly. Donation based.
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Contact through PM or email : mamokokoroyoga@gmail.com

12/10 (Mon) 12:00 -1:30pm

Studio: Jiaren Yoga Studio
1171 Homestead Rd suite 140, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Contact :
Kokoro-Yoga San Jose/こころヨガサンノゼ

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