The chakras are energy centers in our bodies through which energy flows (Read more at ). They are a model for bringing balance to our lives at a physical, emotional and consciousness level. There are seven centers along the center of the body. Chakras based Yoga uses a unique combination of a strong yoga practice, combined with mantra(voice) and color visualization to work on the seven centers. These work together to open up the energy centers. As an example double leg circle( Padvrit asana) combined with breathing and color visualization brings greater physical strength. Camel pose combined with Throat focused breathing and blue color opens up your voice and expression to the world.

In this Workshop we will practice:
– How to Identify the Chakras which are blocked or weak.
– How to work on balancing those specific energy centers.

A special Chakra Worksheet will be provided to take notes and actions from your personal experience.

What you will take away from the workshop:
– Status of your chakras, and balancing the chakras
– Information about your energy centers that you need to continue to work on
– An mp3 with a short Chakra meditation session, that you can use at home for healing and relaxation

Please bring a Mat for the practice, and eat light around 2 hours before the practice. The session is open to all levels, and no prior experience is required.

Cost: 15 $ Drop-in Fee (or Packages available)

About Yogi Sikri: Yogi (RYT-200, Certified Yoga Instructor) has a passion for healing arts, and combines movement, yoga and meditation in a unique practice that he created from years of learning in India, New Jersey and California. Yogi experienced the profound impact of Chakra balancing, when the practice revealed a weak energy center in the manipura chakra, that was blocking his practice(on the mat and in the world) to expand to its full potential. He has since used his experience to share with the community practical ways to identify and open to their true
potential. His recent workshop was at Breathe Los Gatos in January 2018.

About Jiaren Yoga Studio:
Jiaren Yoga’s mission statement is to empower women and promote wellbeing by providing a nurturing environment to feel their body and mind (We welcome all genders). Yoga practice is a chance to get rooted in who we are without being overwhelmed by the outside noise and today’s technological overload. This allows us to realize our perspective on life is valued and beautiful in all of its complexity. Yoga practice helps us quiet our minds, open our hearts, and treat ourselves as sacred- opening pathways for comfort, expression, and awareness. We would love to share the life-changing practice of yoga with students in search of discovery, transformation, healing and growth.

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